The settling parties agreed to establish a repair fund to address eligible hot water leaks. The fund, once established, will compensate Owners $7,000 to make repairs in the event the Administrator determines the leak is eligible. Homes are eligible for 25 years after the first close of escrow date from Del Webb/Pulte to the first Owner.

Owners that paid for repairs before the settlement shall receive reimbursement up to $7,000. If only partial repairs were made and a future leak occurs, Owners are eligible for additional reimbursement up to the $7,000 limit.

Owners that were removed from the case based on the statute of repose and paid for a qualified leak shall receive reimbursement up to $2,500.

Owners are not entitled to repair costs paid by their insurance carrier.

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Repairs should not be initiated without first contacting the Administrator. The repair fund does not pay for repair or replacement of under-slab copper pipe that has not experienced a hot water leak. The settlement fund will only pay homeowners whose under-slab copper pipes have developed an active hot water leak.