Since the initial approval of the Class on August 31, 2009, the size of the Class was reduced from 3,623 homes to 2,572 in the final settlement. During the lawsuit, it was discovered that 698 homes were plumbed with overhead Pex pipe which is not subject to thermal galvanic corrosion. Therefore, all homes with Pex were removed from the Class. Forty three Owners decided not to join the suit and "opted out" early in the process. Finally, 287 homes were removed from the Class by the Court because their homes were beyond the statute of repose.

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During the course of the litigation, Class Counsel endeavored to identify all known under-slab copper pipe leaks that had occurred in Anthem.

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Please note that this list is known to be incomplete as there was sworn testimony that not all leaks were reported.  Also, Class Counsel stopped tracking known leaks in May of 2014.  This list of known leaks is for informational purposes only, is incomplete and shall not be relied upon in determining if an under-slab pipe leak has occurred in any other home.

Repairs should not be initiated without first contacting the Administrator. The repair fund does not pay for repair or replacement of under-slab copper pipe that has not experienced a hot water leak. The settlement fund will only pay homeowners whose under-slab copper pipes have developed an active hot water leak.